How to get Certified as a Concrete Contractor?

Becoming a concrete contractor has many benefits especially since concrete is the most commonly used construction material. To start and run a concrete contracting business, however, you must first prove your skills as the competition is quite stiff.

Getting a concrete contractor license is not quite easy. There are many requirements with some states necessitating very steep fees of at least US$800. Most states however require you to get a license before you can become a concrete contractor and about 15 US states require at least one exam. Apart from the fees and the exam, there are other requirements  needed to be awarded a license, they include the following:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have about 2-4 years of relevant experience depending on the state
  • Some states require some hours of education in the field although you do not need a degree

Other requirements include knowledge of finances to show that you can handle the financial aspect of the business, some states also check for criminal history and posted bond.

After you have met all of these requirements, the next step is to apply for a license. Note that a separate commercial and residential license is necessary for some states while others offer one license for both.

Do Your Research

Research is important to know which of the above requirements applies to your state and get full details on where and how to apply. You can start by contacting the local state department to know which body regulates building contractors in the area.

Apply for the License

After getting full details of which requirements apply to your state, the next step is to pay the fee and apply for a license. 

Pass the Exam

In most states, you must pass an examination before you will be awarded the license. Taking prep exams beforehand will give you an idea of what you can expect and increases your chances of passing the exam.


Since concrete remains the most commonly used building material, deciding to become a concrete contractor will have many benefits. Getting certified before starting up is very important to avoid getting fined.

It is vital to note that in most states, a contractor’s license expires after only a year. You will have to apply again to continue working, working with an expired license can often lead to getting fined.

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